Basic agreements

1.1. The project (further - Project) is the financial organization with not a banking jurisdiction position.

1.2. The Project is located at a single address in the Internet

1.3. The Project provides high-interest accruals on deposits.

1.4. The investor (further - User) accepts all the terms of this agreement when registering for the Project.

1.5. The User understands all risks and possible force majeure situations associated with the Project.

Financial terms

2.1. The Project's currency is USD.

2.2. The minimum deposit amount is 1 USD, the minimum withdrawal amount is 0.1$. More info here .

2.3. Accepting of payments is carried out through payment systems PerfectMoney, Payeer and Bitcoin in automatic mode.

2.4. Withdrawals are processing during 12 hours.

2.5. When replenishing and withdrawing funds there are daily limits .

2.6. Withdrawing funds is allowed once every 24 hours, for new accounts mandatory hold for withdrawing is 72 hours.

2.7. The withdrawal of funds is possible only for those purses from which the replenishments were made (except Bitcoin purses).

2.8. The designation of purses for withdrawal by the User is possible only on accounts intended for exclusive withdrawal of partner earnings.

2.9. Interest rates of the Project are observed according to the table .

2.10. When the interest rate is changed, the Project undertakes to inform the User about it no later than 15 days.

2.11. Interest is accrued at 22:00 (GMT+0) every day. The interest falls into the "OnHold" status before the expiry of the full day (from 22:00 to 22:00 the next day).

Partnership program

3.1. Each User receives his unique affiliate link during registration.

3.2. Partner is assigned to the User who invited forever.

3.3. The User get instantly to own balance 5x daily interest amount for each partner's deposit.

3.4. In case of abuse of the partner program (for example, numerous hit-n-run), the probability of obtaining partner accruals can be lowered by the analytically module of the Project.

Loyalty program

4.1. Each User participates in our loyalty program.

4.2. Loyalty points are represented by the number of Rings of Nibelung.

4.3. The calculation of loyalty points is based on the amount of the User's deposits and the frequency of withdrawal operations.

4.4. Loyalty points allow User to raise the interest rate by 0.2% per day .